President, Evergreen Tavern Development and Management Corporation
General Manager, Evergreen Lending Company, Inc.
Managing Director, Hotel Tavern Surigao
Chairman, Human Resources Committee, Evergreen Group of Companies
Executive Producer, Maradjao Event Productions

President, Surigao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. 2007-2009
Chairman, Surigao City Tourism Council, Inc. 2007-2010
Chairman, Surigao City Development Council, Inc. 2007-2010
Proponent, Surigao City Boulevard Development Program Chairman, Mutya Nan Surigao

“BORN LEADER: Profile of Jake Miranda, Surigao City

It is not surprising that Jake Miranda, a 35 year old young businessman based in Surigao City, now holds several key positions in business in both the private and public sector.

As Business Leader

In 2007, he was elected President of the Surigao Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), the lead socio-civic organization in Surigao with over fifty member companies and individuals, wherein he performs executive, ministerial and administrative duties over the organization. As president, he went to the AOTS Tokyo Kenshu Center, Japan in 2008 as the Philippine Representative in a Business Management Program.

While being president of the Surigao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he has reaped great honors for Surigao when SCCI garnered the Best Chamber Awards in 2008 awarded by no less than by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Previous to this, in 2007, Surigao was hailed as the Most Business friendly City in Mindanao. He started out as a Secretary of the Surigao Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he performed secretarial and administrative duties for the SCCI board of directors. Some of his duties included recommending, participating in and encouraging community involvement in SCCI projects. At the same time, he was given a citation for organizing the Surigao Young Business Alliance (SYBA), a first of its kind. As Executive Director of the Surigao Young Business Alliance (SYBA), he pioneered the conglomeration of a growing organization of young businessmen and professionals under the age of 40 based in Surigao City.

In 2009, Surigao CCI again garnered the Most Outstanding Chamber in Mindanao Award for year 2009.

As a Corporate Executive

He is also currently the President of Evergreen Tavern Development and Management Corporation where he directly initiated, negotiated for and supervised the friendly takeover of a distressed hotel and transformed it into a profit-earning operation. He is likewise the Managing Director of the Evergreen Lending Company, Inc. wherein he engages actively and constructively in long-range planning, budget review and checking company success against projections. He is Instrumental in initiating corporate reform through management and marketing.

He also acted as the Hospital Administrator of Miranda Family Hospital, Inc., overseeing the hospital-wide operations, administration and coordination of hospital activities, which includes monitoring and administering specific, moderately complex hospital activities of a 25-Bed Secondary Hospital based in Surigao City.

As a human resource specialist he created a corporate Human Resources unit shared among his different companies.

As Executive Producer of the Maradjao Event Productions, he has produced concerts of Jose Mari Chan and the Apo Hiking Society in Surigao and Butuan, exhibits and conferences in the Carage area for various clients.

To add to his long list of achievements and positions, Jake is also the Managing Director of the Surigao Golfers, Inc. wherein he planned and created the first golfing association in Surigao to include the construction of a golf driving range. Jake is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker.

Social Duties

Among his public positions is being Chairman of the Surigao City Tourism Council, Inc. where he administrates over tourism activities and concerns in Surigao City. He is also the Surigao City Representative of the Caraga Regional Development Council where he advises the council on economic and social matters and concerns of the Surigao City.

As Chairman of the Committee on Occupancy, Provincial Tourism Council, SDN, he advises the Provincial Council on hotel and accommodation capacities and capabilities in province. As a member of Surigao City Transparency Accountable Governance Project (USAID Project), he ensures the right projects to be implemented. As Secretary in the Maradjao Magbalantay College Seminary Foundation, Inc., he conducts fund-raising projects for the college seminary to finance its charitable operations. As a Treasurer of the Caraga Regional Tourism Council Foundation, Inc., he manages finances for various tourism projects in Caraga.

At present he is also a member of the Surigao City Computerization Council where he advises local City Council on IT matters and is a strong proponent for making Surigao as the first free-wifi access city in the country.

As a member of the City Peace and Order Council, he spearheads several security reforms and measures like additional checkpoints, midnight curfew for minors, village security watch, to ensure a peaceful and orderly Surigao especially after a spate of serious crimes in the city.

He also put up Punta Bilar Dive Center, a nonprofit effort which doubles as a marine sanctuary that has so far been successful in protecting more than 30 square nautical miles of water and coastal reef systems in Surigao from illegal fishing methods.

A History of Excellence in Academics and Training

Born in the tranquil city of Surigao, Surigao del Norte, on January 26, 1974, Johann Jake Basubas Miranda or “Jake” as he is called was born youngest to proud parents Asuncion Jayme Miranda, a registered nurse from Mandaue, Cebu, and Dr. Josefino Palacio Miranda of Lanuza, Surigao del Sur and Calape, Bohol, a physician, who is also a prominent businessman and civic leader, and owns several businesses in Surigao notably the Miranda Family Hospital.

As a young child, Jake already excelled in all his undertakings. He effortlessly made it to the top echelons of his class, graduating valedictorian at the San Nicolas College grade school while being President of the school council. While being one of just two who passed the scholarships for the Philippine Science High School in Caraga, he chose to take his secondary and tertiary classes at the prestigious Ateneo de Manila, where he consistently garnered honors every quarter and belonged to the top ranks of his batch.

After taking undergraduate studies at Ateneo de Manila University for the prestigious Management Engineering course, fate took him to the hallowed halls of the Philippine Military Academy, where he was trained as a cadet, served as Battalion Commander, Deputy Brigade Commander, Brigade Commander of the Cadet Corps, and Class President for PMA Masikhay Class 1999. As an excellent and charismatic leader, he was well respected, both by his peers and his instructors for his virtuosity as well as his unquestionable and proven ability to lead more than 1,000 young men and women of the Cadet Corps.

Possessing excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing, he also became Editor-in-Chief of the Corps Magazine, official publication of the Cadet Corps where he published notable articles on national as well as local issues. He became a debate Champion and competed in the National Debate Competition in 1997. A well rounded cadet, he also participated, and excelled in various extracurricular activities in the academy. He recalls how writing about an episode wherein as a cadet on vacation he berated a couple of lawmen asking for “tongs” right in front of the victimized street vendors, drew nationwide admiration.

Being an accomplished athlete as well, he competed and received medals in Taekwondo and Karate, as well as four gold medals, three silver medals and three bronze medals in swimming competitions during the Palarong Pambansa Regional Games in Baguio City in 1997.

In 1998, then a firstclass cadet, he was also given the singular honor of being the first representative the Philippines in the 1st International Cadet Conference in Yokosuka, Japan, where he presented a futuristic paper on “China’s Emerging Power in Asia.”

Upon graduation at the PMA in 1999 with a degree in BS Computer Science, Jake reaped additional honors such as the Best in Computing Sciences for graduating Number One in all computer science courses and topping the computer science class, and the Journalism Award for accomplishments in journalism and graduating as Editor-in-Chief of the Corps Board and Staff. He also ranked number 4 out of 56 in the Navy Group and ranked number 17 out of 216 in his class. No easy feat considering his numerous extra-curricular activities in the academy.

Upon being promoted to Lieutenant, he underwent a basic naval officer’s course, training in ship-keeping, ethics, navigation, logistics, and survival at the Naval School Center in Zambales. He was then awarded a Certificate of Proficiency for acing the Basic Swimming Proficiency Test. He also completed the Combat Scuba Diver’s Course at Cavite City on that same year training with the Naval Special Warfare Group, the country’s elite SEAL team.

Immediately thereafter, he was assigned aboard BRP Artemio Ricarte, a modern naval warship patrolling boundaries and international waters off the western and southern corridors of the Philippines. As a ship officer, he served in a supervisory role in rotating shifts in both peacetime and combat operations and received various medals and commendations for exemplary performance including, to name a few, the bronze cross medals for combat operations in Jolo and Palawan waters, commendation for providing emergency first aid to incapacitated enlisted personnel during combat operations in Jolo/Basilan area, thereby saving the Philippine Navy crucial time and resources in a crisis situation.

Jake is no stranger to heroic acts. As an accomplished swimmer, he has saved numerous lives of friends and strangers. One time he dashed more than 50 yards before diving and surfacing with a seriously injured friend just in time to save his life. Another incident found him diving in his business suit to rescue a little girl drowning in the Shangri-la hotel swimming pool after the regular lifeguards failed to take notice. He says that heroism may all be about having a keen sense of anticipating danger and quickly knowing what appropriate action to take.

After his stint as a bemedalled junior naval officer, he was assigned as Project Monitoring Officer at the Naval Modernization Office, Headquarters Philippine Navy where he instituted IT reforms and office procedures to improve effectiveness of the office and efficiency in resource usage. He also became Editor-in-Chief of various naval publications and emceed naval ceremonies and anniversaries.

One of his later assignments was as a Jacinto Class Patrol Vessel (JCPV) Upgrade Logistics/Technical Officer, where as a member of the JCPV Upgrade Project Modernization Team (a Php700M modernization project), he organized activities and schedules, prepared requests for proposals and other legal contracts, analyzed offers against requirements, participated in high-level contract negotiations with foreign nationals and ensured the systematic performance of the team.

After his colorful but short career in the military, Jake ventured into the business sector starting with completing a short course on Project Management at the Ateneo Information Technology Institute and receiving a Certificate of Proficiency for ranking number one in the course. He also took a course in the Development Finance Institute in 2003 on Corporate Governance and Risk Management Program. In 2001, he attended the Ateneo Graduate School of Business to obtain his MBA.

Moving Forward

In Surigao, he is seen as its key business leader and on his own, an emerging influence in local and regional politics. After all of these achievements he remains a humble private individual. One of his proudest moments in his young life right before entering the military was when he worked as a busboy, dishwasher and kitchen staff for a food chain. “I wanted to prove to myself that I could stand on my own without rich parents. If I had a choice, I would have wanted to be born poor but bright. So that right now I’d be a more complete person reflecting a spectrum of experience,” he quips.

Jake is also blessed with a family, being married to Maria Daphne Miranda nee Ruiz, a Licensed Physician and a registered nurse who was just recently the Director of the International Nursing Program at Arellano University with whom he has two sons namely Jede Matthew and Jiro Jose, and daughter Jiana Danielle.”

Private Sector Representative, Caraga Regional Development Council 2007-2010
Treasurer, Caraga Regional Tourism Council Foundation, Inc. 2007-2010
Secretary, Maradjao Magbalantay College Seminary Foundation, Inc. 2008-2009
Member, Rotary Club of Metro Surigao, District 3860, RI
Member, Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association, Inc.
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